Academy Di Capelli

Campus Security Policy

Policies, reporting and distributing campus crime statistics
Revised 09/26/2022

Preparing the Annual Security Report

The U.S. Department of Education requires post-secondary schools to acquire and distribute crime statistics and create policies in compliance with the Clery Act. The following policies are designed to meet those requirements. A copy of this document is available to each student and staff member annually via website or hard copy.

Academy Di Capelli defines the campus as the leased space that the school occupies. The common parking areas immediately in front of, and to the sides of the Academy are shared by many other tenants and their clientele and are not under the control of the Academy and therefore, considered public area. In addition, the access way to the rear of all three buildings in the plaza is considered public property.

Reporting Policy

Since the Academy has no Security Force we do not keep a daily log.

The individual who is responsible for collecting crime data and implementing the distribution of the data is The Campus Security Survey Administrator (CSSA).

The School President and the CSSA are responsible for issuing Timely Warnings. Such warnings are relayed to students and staff at the weekly Saturday meeting when appropriate. The decision to issue a more urgent warning is at the discretion of, and the responsibility of, the School President.

The Crime Report data contains information given by victims, witness or perpetrators of crimes that are defined in the Clery Act. In addition, the Wallingford and East Hartford Police Departments are contacted to acquire police reports that may be appropriate. This information is then reported to the Department of Education by the CSSA annually.

A written report is prepared by the CSSA and distributed to all students and staff each year. This information is then shared with any prospective student during the pre-enrollment process upon request.

Policies and Procedures

The Academy has a zero-tolerance policy for use or distribution of drug or alcohol. (persons not of legal age found consuming or in possession of alcohol will be reported to law enforcement). Students and/or staff at risk are required to seek counseling and may be put on a leave of absence or terminated. The Academy has a zero-tolerance policy for any type of physical/sexual assault. Students or staff who violate this policy will be terminated.

The Academy has no policy or programs for monitoring students off campus. The Academy has no professional counseling available on campus, but instead, provides a list of area services available to the public.

Once a year the Academy holds a prevention and education program with a member of local law enforcement as the guest speaker. Topics to be covered in the program are crimes involving any type of sexual assault, violations of drug and/or alcohol law, hate crimes, illegal weapons possession, robbery, assault, and burglary.

The talk given by local law enforcement will also include:
• How to report a crime and who to contact
• The importance of preserving evidence
• Contacts for counseling in the Wallingford area
• Who to contact and what is involved
• Sexual assault awareness and prevention

Staff members who obtain evidence of a crime are required to follow the procedures outlined in the Academy’s Anti-Harassment & Discrimination Policy, which is given to each student as part of their pre-enrollment packet. All staff members are also given a hard copy of the Anti- Harassment & Discrimination Policy prior to hiring. Any staff member will assist a student in contacting the police to report a crime if asked by the student. 

The United States Department of Justice maintains a national database of registered sex offenders, which allows the public to search for information regarding registered sex offenders within a state. This database can be accessed online by visiting An officer from the Wallingford Police Department is invited each year and discusses sexual related crimes as a part of our Crime Awareness Program.

The Academy will make any reasonable accommodation to a student who is the victim of sexual misconduct. In the case of alleged sexual misconduct both the accuser and accused will have the right to have others present during a fact-finding meeting by the Academy (see VA WA policy). The purpose of these meetings will be to determine if school policy for student or staff conduct has been violated and is not a legal proceeding to determine guilt or innocents. No student will be asked to sign statement of non­disclosure. Both parties will be informed of the Academy’s decision. In cases involving sexual misconduct where the Academy determines its code of conduct has been violated the offending student or staff member will be terminated.

The Academy’s owners and any person they shall authorize will have the right to request, of any visitor, I.D. and the reason for their attendance on campus.

Campus Security Surveys

                                                                                                          Campus Security Certificate

 2022 Main Campus Security Survey for Year Ending 2021

2022 East Hartford Security Survey for Year Ending 2021