Academy Di Capelli


In compliance with the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Science (NACCAS); we must provide you with information prior to enrollment. This information includes Completion Rate; Licensing Rate; and Job Placement Rate for our Cosmetology, Barbering & Esthetics Programs.

This statistical information is calculated by using accumulative data that is verified by an internal audit and submitted to NACCAS annually.

For 2019, Academy Di Capelli is proud to report:

A Completion rate of 69%

A Placement Rate of 62%

A Licensure Rate of 82%

The State of Connecticut mandates that in order to earn a cosmetology or barber license, a candidate must complete a cosmetology course of 1,500 hours or a barber course of 1,000 in an approved program and have a passing grade of at least 70% on the written exam administered by the State of Connecticut.

There are no licensure requirements for Estheticians in the State of Connecticut. As of July 1, 2020, a candidate that wishes to earn an esthetics license must complete an esthetics course of 600 hours.